We’re IT counseling organization, giving IT bolster benefits all-inclusive around the globe. So for us it’s doesn’t make a difference your area. Utilizing full arrangement of remote IT the executives apparatuses. And, we can give progressing or by request IT support for your business. We give IT counseling administrations to convey the best answer for your business.Technical Support is a function employed by using a organization to supervise. As well as, keep their computer hardware and software structures. Technical Support will also aid laptop software integration. Accordingly, by means of diagnosing and troubleshooting common issues. Employees holding this process identify usually begin in entry stage IT roles.

Raksha Digital, information in designing and developing custom software packages in Travel and, Banking. In addition to Energy and, Utilities. As well as, Educational and, Financial domains. We do open Source software program development, customization and integration offerings. Specifically, our enterprise incorporates out custom programming and, database answers. Also, client-server and net/intranet software application development. We are understanding in Java improvement and .NET on diverse platforms.We’re IT counseling organisation Description Technical support. Which refers to services that entities provide to customers of era products and, services. So that, in trendy, technical aid offer assist concerning specific troubles with a service or product. As opposed to providing education and, provision or customization of product, or other aid offerings.

Key Services:

  • Problem Solving,
  • Onsite Installation and,
  • Internet Connectivity,
  • Training and Productivity,
  • Server Monitoring.